How It Works

Imagine a salesman that is always on time, stays late, never takes a day off, never gets tired, and always knows the weather and forecast?
Dealer Sales Channel TV is an easy to use digital display marketing system that can be that salesman. Do you have customers that sometimes have to wait in line or wait for someone or something? Lock their attention in to an HD presentation customized and geared specifically for your marketing plan. Don't waste those precious minutes while you have them in your store.

Now you can easily market and promote your products and services. Dealer Sales Channel TV is perfect for announcing new products, services, time sensitive offers, finance terms, or anything you can think of. Build a digital signage strategy to encourage spending at the moment it counts, when they're standing in your dealership.

"But I already have something like this from my manufacturer" you might say. You are only partially correct. This system is not a co-op solution and is so affordable you will want to send the OEM solution back. What's the big deal about not being co-op'd? Well you can control exactly what you want to market. You probably have some competing lines of products that the supplier of the co-op'd solutions would frown on for showing on their system. Not a problem with Dealer Sales Channel TV. Put them side by side all day every day and execute your marketing plan.