Dealer Sales Channel



Dealer Sales Channel TV

is the single most effective way to connect with customers while they are waiting in your dealership besides talking to them.

It is a fresh, interactive, promotional display that engages your customer with up-to-the-minute information. The content is yours and controlled by YOU, not a manufacturer.

reasons to buy dealer sales channel tv

One of the great features of DSC TV is the freedom you have to cross promote the brands you carry. There are no co-op limitations on the displays. You put your best deals on your best products on display the way you want it. High definition images and video are attention-getters and even more so when containing timely and relevant information. It doesn’t matter if it is the current weather forecast, latest trade in, or this month’s parts department offer. Dealer Sales Channel TV is the perfect medium to reach out and connect with customers using high impact digital media.

Our affordable design rates make Dealer Sales Channel TV an indispensable part of your marketing team.