Size Matters

Size Matters

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Getting the most out of your digital signage system in your dealership is directly related to this fact: Size Matters.

Bigger isn't always better. What is best though, is using screen sizes to suit the setting and purpose. Screen manufacturers, and a lot of the digital signage services that sell them, focus on getting you to get bigger and bigger screens. Dealer Sales Channel TV doesn't sell you the screen but we will help you choose the best size for the installation location and goals. Dealer Sales Channel TV can be a very powerful marketing tool for certain jobs in your dealership.

There are times when diminutive 10-inch or 22-inch LCD displays are better, more logical and effective options than those much larger screens. Here's a quick guide of how it breaks out by goals and objectives.
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Why Put Screens In Your Dealership?

When you walk into most any retail venue nowadays you will find digital screens installed for a myriad of reasons. Retailers are using screens to drive messaging to customers. What's on sale, what's new, who to talk to about XYZ, you name it and digital screens are doing it.

In the past, printed brochures of model or model lineups created awareness of product and capability. To some extent you still find printed material in dealerships but it is becoming more and more rare. Dealers are depending on digital (web site, screens, email marketing, etc.) to convey this information. Digital is agile. Print takes days and weeks to execute. Remote management of content means you can update on the fly from anywhere in the world.

Large screens and video wall clusters should be in place for brand imaging to help connect on an emotional level with buyers. Your brand means something to someone.

You've Got To Have Goals

The objectives must be clear before you just put a screen up. The goal is not to put a screen up. The goal is to increase brand imaging (you as a brand and your represented main and shortlines), customer retention, product promotion, sales, decrease perceived wait times, and important notices.

So How Big Is The Right Size?

Is your communication meant as a tool for many people at once or closer to one on one?

Screens sized for many people to view will require a larger size; they will attract, direct, and provoke customers to actions like seeking out a salesperson or connecting with you via web, email, or social media.

One on one is about more information and getting it to them efficiently. It should make the user want to return to the dealership in person and online.

Don’t blow them out the door. Some dealerships I’ve been in overpower the showroom with too big and too much. Smaller yet strategically positioned screens in the showroom can deliver better results.

Getting Started 

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