Let's talk about the weather

Let's talk about the weather

Posted by DSC TV

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Let your customers keep up with changing forecasts and current conditions at a glance. Weather is by far one of the most talked about media types that can be shown in your dealership. Let's face it, it affects ALL of us. It doesn't matter if they are a contractor laying asphalt, farmer trying to harvest, or landscaper trying to finish a job, weather impact them. It's a fantastic ice breaker for converstaion in the showroom or at the parts counter.

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Our weather data is updated every 15 minutes and includes current temperature and conditions, wind, heat index/wind chill, barometric pressure, humidity, and sunrise/sunset times. The forecast is usually 5 days out. If hazardous weather is headed your way we display the NWS warning on screen with a bright red background.

Coupled with the radar, you and your customers can see where the weather is headed or where it's been. The radar image is centered in the zip code setup during configuration and can be changed if needed.